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Sick Leave

Sick leave is calculated by multiplying the total number of hours paid by .0334.  Sick leave is paid only for medical purposes for enrollees themselves or to attend to an immediate family member. The enrollee's earnings statement in ADP reflects the available balance of sick leave.

Sick Leave is accrued to a maximum of 80 hours at any given time. Once the 80 hours maximum has been reached, no further sick leave will accrue until the balance falls below the 80 hour maximum.

  • Call the Monitor within 2 hours of start time, when absent or late
  • Call each day of absence. If absent for 3 or more consecutive days without calling in, separation proceedings may be initiated.
  • NEW Solutions may request a doctor's release when absent for 5 days or more.

Sick leave hours are non-worked hours and will not be included in any overtime pay calculations.

The code "SICK" should be entered under the "PAY CODE" column on the timesheet, and the hours entered under the "HOURS" column in the ADP timesheet system.

Immediate Family includes spouses, children, daughter/son-in-law, parent, siblings, sister/brother-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren, mother/father-in-law, stepparents, stepsiblings, stepchildren, step-grandchildren and domestic partners. 

Sick leave remaining at the end of an enrollee's enrollment is not payable to the enrollee, unless specifically required by applicable State law.